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Please Support MCTV’s Community Organization Of The Month
Please Support MCTV’s Community Organization Of The Month
MCTV is pleased to recognize Spring Hill Historic Home as our Community Organization of the Month for June. Please join us in thanking them for their efforts to improve the quality of life in Stark County. You can support them financially at our office.

Spring Hill farm was settled by Thomas and Charity Rotch (pronounced “roach”), a Quaker couple from New England. Upon the advice of Dr. Benjamin Rush of Philadelphia, they moved west to Ohio in 1811 to cure Charity’s spotted fever with a healthier climate. Before their home was built in the early 1820s, the couple lived in a log cabin on the 4,000-acre farm on which they raised merino sheep.
As Quakers and regular attendees of the Ohio Yearly Meetings of Quakers at Mount Pleasant, Thomas and Charity offered their farm as a safe haven for slaves escaping to freedom in the North. Charity mentioned this practice in her journal and an 1821 letter to her sister in the East. Slaves were harbored in the upper story of a springhouse and none were ever caught at Spring Hill – despite attempts by slave hunters. The Ohio Friends of Freedom Society and the National Park Service recognize Spring Hill as an Underground Railroad site.
After Thomas died in 1823 and Charity in 1824, the property transferred to their heirs. In 1830, Arvine Wales, shepherd and dear friend, purchased the Rotch home and 60 acres. Three generations of the Wales family lived at Spring Hill farm, the last being Horatio Wales and his wife, Irene McLain.  Spring Hill became a public museum following Irene McLain Wales death in 1973.
Spring Hill’s mission is “to preserve unimpaired for future generations the house, outbuildings and grounds known as Spring Hill; to interpret Spring Hill and the families who lived there in light of their historical importance; and to maintain Spring Hill as an historic site open to the public.”

Upcoming Events
Saturday, June 14, 2014 – Underground Railroad Experience
Saturday, September 13, 2014 – Herb Luncheon
Saturday & Sunday, October 11 & 12, 2014 – Fall Festival



Spring Hill’s primary source of financial and operational support is its members. Membership is open to anyone interested in the furtherance of Spring Hill’s mission. Individual membership dues are $25 a year, and new members are accepted at any time. Additional levels of membership support are available. Each member is eligible to become nominated and vote for Spring Hill’s governing Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

Spring Hill is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees selected from the membership and elected at the Annual Meeting. The Board is responsible for policy, planning, finances, selection of the Director, and general oversight.


Over 100 regular and special event volunteers assist with every facet of Spring Hill’s operation. Volunteers are Spring Hill’s lifeblood and energy - giving thousands of hours every year to fulfill Spring Hill’s mission to the community. To become a volunteer, contact Spring Hill! The opportunities are as diverse and interesting as you are.


Spring Hill Historic Home
1401 Springhill Lane NE
Massillon, Ohio 44646



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